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Lanterns and lamps hand-crafted in Yorkshire using imported genuine hand-printed Japanese papers.

Beautiful bespoke lanterns and lamps, hand-crafted in Yorkshire by Gill Unwin using imported genuine hand-printed Japanese papers.
Japanese paper makers are renowned for their centuries-old tradition of meticulous craftsmanship and aesthetics.
Chiyogami is hand silkscreened paper from Japan, hand made using traditional techniques.
Sogara Yuzen papers consist of a single image, silkscreened by hand across the entire sheet of paper. These magnificent papers make wonderful gifts just framed or as a floor lamp where the whole sheet can be illuminated from within.
Lacquered Yuzen papers mimic traditional carved two-colour lacquer ware. Silkscreen printed by hand the heavy-wearing surface makes it ideal for lampshades, covering books or boxes.