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British Wildlife Tales/Stour Valley Publishing

Books for children (aged 2 to 7) which teach them all about the wonderful wildlife around them in their gardens and the British countryside.

The British Wildlife Tales series of books were created by Carl Mynott in his suburban garden. He wanted to spark his kids’ interest in the wildlife that lived locally, so he imagined a set of very simple drawings – caricatures of British birds – that would highlight the basic features of the most frequent visitors to the fruit trees at the bottom of their garden, and teach them to recognise the different birds. His children loved the book, so he went on to draw and write about other birds in the wider area and then he branched out from birds to some of the mammals, amphibians, reptiles and invertebrates that share the world with us.
His books are now inspiring thousands of children around the country to take an active interest in wildlife and to care for the natural world.  Aimed at pre-school to primary school aged children from around 2 years old to 7 years, British Wildlife Tales books offer a bright splash of simple, natural joy and make ideal gifts for children on special occasions or just as a treat. 
Carl also publishes books by other authors as Stour Valley Publishing.